$560,000+ raised from crowdfunding campaign


I was the first full-time hire at a Chicago-based Health-Technology startup, working alongside the co-founders.


As Marketing Manager, my role was to create a digital campaign in order to fund  the initial product run, with an a target of $30,000 on the Indiegogo crowdfunding platform.


The campaign resulted in $564,866 raised in pre-orders surpassing our initial campaign target by over 1700%.


Campaign Link: https://igg.me/at/HOVR/x#/

Work Involved: Campaign Planning, Media Outreach, Social Media plan, Content Creation, Graphic Design, Website Development (incl. eCommerce) and Event Management.


Months Planning


Day Campaign


Orders Processed


Different Countries

Successful Product Launch

The campaign resulted in $564,866 raised in pre-orders on the Indiegogo platform, surpassing our initial campaign target by over 1700%.


The campaign had over 6000 pre-orders from 76 countries globally, and received worldwide press coverage throughout the 5 week campaign.

Global Reach

Within 36 hours of going live, our campaign had sales in 16 countries across the US, Europe and Asia.


In total the campaign had sales in 76 countries across the globe, including sales on 6 continents.

Product Video

During the planning of the campaign, a focus was put into creating a good product video which would capture the audiences attention, accurately describe the  describe the product and show the benefits.


The video was subsequently picked up and re-shared by Tech Insider, The Daily Dot and LadBible resulting in over 48 million views across all platforms.

Media Outreach

In the months prior to the campaign, we put together an action plan to target online media organisations. We put together a team to strategically target specific journalists and publications, placing an embargo on all articles until our launch date.


On the day our campaign launched, we had huge global exposure with articles from news publications being published simultaneously, creating a viral effect and hitting our funding target within 48 hours.


The Media Outreach campaign resulted in free articles from publications including Tech Insider, GizMag, Chicago Tribune, CNET Japan, The Irish Independent, LadBible, Fast Company, Inc Magazine and more.

Product Launch Events

Throughout the launch of our campaign, I led a series of events across New York City where we had members of the public test the product in order to raise awareness and drive sales amongst the NY tech scene.


The events took place across WeWork’s network of 36 locations in Manhattan, along with outdoor events taking place in Times Square, Grand Central Station and Central Park.

Press Coverage

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$560,000+ raised from online crowdfunding campaign.

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